Vedic Mix-To Simplify your Life without Sacrificing Taste and Quality

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As a blogger,  the term ‘ Vedic Mix’ got me quite excited in knowing what this product is all about. ‘Vedic’- the word actually refers to the Sanskrit Literature and the one of the old scriptures of Hinduism during the ancient Indian period.  The product which is an instant premix(tea) beverage originally signifies the Indian Taste and flavor. The founder of the product brings in a great experience of enjoying the beverage without causing any hustle in brewing and blending spices. It brings the experience of sipping the traditional tea and coffee  instantly- i.e. ready within no time.

The product is available in its two main formats of Sweetened and Unsweetened Tea consisting primarily of Indian Flavors such as Cinnamon flavor , Cardamom, Masala , Lemongrass and Saffron at quite reasonable prices. Along with premix chai, it serves its audience with instant premix coffee which is again good to go with. The product is completely gluten and GMO free as well. Apart from its completely distinguished taste, I really found the website of the brand too impressive – Clear yet elegant in its style of writing, really found the journey of the brand founder interesting to start with its ‘Indian Chai’ and promoting its product. With each of its flavors, it provides a list of educational  information as to how useful they are to the human body.

The product can be found on Social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. Likewise, Vedic Mix has a facility of making an On line purchase through Amazon on the website itself. The product is also sold on a retail as well as on a wholesale basis. I feel the product has created a distinct identity of itself in its own extraordinary way by providing its target audience a blend of Indian herbs and spices .

I would hereby recommend my subscribers to try this Refreshing ‘Chai’ and Coffee and enjoy its appealing taste and smell as they say the product is made for its tea-drinkers for making their life easy without any compromise in its taste and Quality. Suggestions from the viewers is invited on their opinion about Vedic Mix


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